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GrowthRocksis a growth hacking agency and our blog provides growth hacking and digital marketing related content to marketers and business owners alike. Write For Us + SAAS Blog, authors should deal with the pertinent information and data of the particular niche. There are different types of SAAS products. And each product has different work and description. The content writer should read all the protocols for their writing proposal.

Post for our website, you should first learn more about us by reading the information below about our website. Questions or comments about anything we’ve discussed in this article? Generally, we’ll decide on what each subheading will cover before we begin filling in the content of an outline and actually writing an article. Ensuring we highlight the most relevant and compelling featuresof the product for that given topic. There’s an argument to be made that the SERP analysis is one of—if not themost important step of our writing process after keyword selection.

We expect support from you guys as well to help us in growing by sharing your best SAAS experience to our readers. Looking to contribute an article about your SaaS product or story? We’d love to consider the opportunity for collaboration. Our blog, Sonan Insights, specializes in content that B2B SaaS founders and leaders would find useful. Create marketing pieces including sales slicks, presentations, scripts and more to support sales goals.


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In every piece of SaaS content we write, we discuss our client’s product and the ways in which it solves the corresponding pain points we’ve discussed throughout the article. For examples of how we approach SaaS intros in practice, check out this postwhich links to a bunch of pieces we’ve written for SaaS clients. Read the intros and you’ll see themes and get the gist of how we approach them. Namely, we try to be direct, specific, speak to pain points, and share what we’ll cover in the post to entice the viewer to keep reading. Poor blog introductionsare commonplace in SaaS content writing and in content marketing more broadly.

Is one of the famous companies offering content to many organizations. If you know anyone who’d enjoy this content, share it with them via email, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. In order to keep quality high, we allow for a maximum of three rounds of edits per post – if it requires any more than this, the piece will be discarded. Submit your post via Google Doc to Please make sure that you set your sharing permissions to “Anyone with the link can edit”. Only include GIFs or images if they being used as examples to illustrate a point.

Keen bloggers who have just started blogging sometimes need clarification on how and where to start. Guest blogging is a great way to get them past that phase because they gain experience after writing. Millions of readers read various topics, news, and article on Dodbuzz. For this reason, the contributors will get a significant readership on the portal.

You can practice and learn more by publishing the content online simultaneously. Guest blog and ensured that all our before-mentioned instructions are followed. Do not copy content from any source, and using online tools, please ensure there are 0 plagiarisms. There is no restriction as to who can work on the guest post. Even if you are an organization looking for a similar opportunity, we welcome you wholeheartedly.

Create video scripts, both marketing and explainer videos, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product. You might include the author’s biography in your article. Make sure your article just has one brief paragraph.. These could either be listed in numerical order or divided into smaller paragraphs.

Become a prelaunch insider and help us test and refine the product before we launch publicly. Just enter your email above and we will have a special payment link for you in our confirmation email. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Please just fill out the submission form below and if your ideas are interesting we’ll get in touch with your within a few days.

As mentioned above, we have posted many technology-related articles, giving readers tips and detailed information on several topics. The contribution must meet our contribution guidelines standards in order to get published. All the guest contributions will be edited by the SoftwareWorld team.

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