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Think specifically about how what you are writing is going to be relevant and to programmers. Don’t be afraid to use code, technical jargon and other analogies programmers would understand and relate to. We would like to congratulate you on choosing the right website for posting your unique and detailed informative blogs. Being one of the finest guest blogging sites we never compromise with high-quality content and domain authority. At GetWidget, we provide an opportunity to “write for us,” for the individual who is crazy about writing and has great writing skills. We TechImply can appreciate the businesses and bloggers who are come up with good and valuable content.

We are accepting Guest post from many authors that would like to share with our audience and clients valuable information for their business. This means that we may decline submissions that are either not a good fit for the site or in need of some improvement. Our Managing Editor has written two detailed articles on how to get your article approved. Since we are devoted to the enrichment of our audience’s lives, both personally and professionally, articles on this site cover a variety of topics. Articles should be written in a narrative and personal style, while still being packed full of information. They need to be accessible to a variety of readers, from a programmer just starting out to a full-time entrepreneurial software expert.

We will share your article in our network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Should be written in good English, spell checked and grammatically correct. We will try to provide illustrations , “pull-quotes” and “wikiquotes” to improve visual presentation of your article. Inquiries from potential technical reviewers are also welcome.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Best content writing practices must be followed, as appropriate length of paragraph, proper title and headers, good content with no discriminatory or defamatory content. If you are not an application developer can include only 1 link here. Your article or blog will be featured & published with your complete introduction along with a photo and a link back to your website/ or blog page.

Eathly’s blog gets tens of thousands of visitors each month and is a respected source of developer information. It frequently shows up on the front page of Hacker News and receives thousands of visitors from Google each day. Josh is a co-founder at Honeybadger, and Ben Findley is our marketing manager.

Ensure your article is targeted toward developers, designers, data scientists, or software engineers. The articles you submit to Pylenin have to be unique. If you have experience in certain topics and you would like to earn a little extra passive income, you can contribute your article to Pylenin. The amount paid is dependent on the depth in which you have covered a topic.

We cater customers from all over the World with a strong footprint in France, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and many more countries.

We will publish a link to your site (without an infamous “nofollow” attribute), your bio, and your photo . If you have good content that will be beneficial for our readers then contact us. We will be very happy to publish your content on our blog. It should not be posted anywhere else or your own blog after submitting it to tutorialswebsite.com. Do you want to create a powerful relationship with us also as a bigger segment of our audience? Tutorialswebsite.com makes it possible for you to try to do so along with your articles and blogs.

They can be single articles or, if you believe you have enough material, a series of articles to be published over a period of time. We always welcome talented writers who want to publish guest posts or contribute articles on a regular basis. We are welcoming the writers who are willing to post the article/blog on our site. The authors need to follow a set of norms that you need to follow while writing the article for us. The guidelines that are mentioned in the further lines need to be considered before going to write content for our site.

Then, write for Earthly, and you’ll get access to a larger audience, and we’ll pay you. Two articles about some aspect of application development you’ve written that you’re proud of. To submit you guest post, you can fill the form on the right side. And, editors team will get back to you within 24 hours. We do not publish articles on topics that we have previously covered. Fill out the form to submit at least 3-4 topic ideas for our content editor to consider.

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