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Those third-party endorsements are solid testimonials that can go a long way toward persuading a visitor to trust you. In fact, 72% of people say positive reviews make them trust a business more. If there’s a charitable component to your business, this is a great place to mention it. Her company donates 10% of all sales to various humanitarian efforts around the globe. On her About Us page, she describes how personally gratifying it is to have a business that allows her to be so charitable. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are.

So don’t give only the same boring impersonal facts most people do. Showcase the exciting personality of your business and the people behind it. The Internet is teeming with websites selling similar goods and services. Your About Us page should be uniquely yours. It’s your story and your opportunity to establish a connection with visitors.

You can even include a brief anecdote that demonstrates your corporate philosophy. Remember the movie “Castaway” and Tom Hanks’ efforts to deliver a FedEx package? Okay, that story might be a little extreme but you get the idea. Visitors to your About Us page spend 80% of their time looking at information located above the fold, according to recent studies using heat maps to detect reader interest.


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Creately to visualize data, information, processes, ideas, and frameworks. Is a relevant, well-researched post (preferably 1000+ words) with actionable tips. Writing for us is a great way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Additionally, you get exposure via our social media channels and our goodwill 🙂 . Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. We publish all content with good intentions.

For example, does your company have an interesting name? Tell its history and what the name means to you today. The same goes for oversight associations such as the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, Better Housekeeping , Angi (formerly Angie’s List) and other review sites. These items belong on your About Us page because they give legitimacy and credibility to your business in the eyes of the customer.

People are continuously looking for fresh stories and new ideas. It helps in encouraging reading and engaging. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. This is what helps to make us different from others. If you have such an idea or story to tell just bring your typing keyboard and write for us.

Images and videos are encouraged, as they make the article look further enticing to the reader. InfoGuide Nigeria is a multi-author blog in Nigeria founded by Ifiokobong Ibanga. The team comprises professionals and Consultants from different fields of human endeavour.

In writing her About Us page, we drew an analogy between running and selling real estate – it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. We even included a photo of her running a marathon, which added visual interest and credibility to the page. One of my clients started his business as a way to save for his two daughters’ college education. If you have approval or endorsement from a celebrity, an industry expert or even customers, you may find a way to work them into your About Us page.

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