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Cinema won’t survive if it’s not for those shared values, relationships, and brotherhood. Following the legacy, we would love to collaborate with you. Being a staff member provides a chance to learn about the inner workings of a growing publication, and also affords strong networking opportunities. If you’re interested in cultivating managerial skills, we also have editorships available for certain sections. You can write one or several lists for us, or you can choose to be a regular contributor.

For example, things like acting, special effects, cinematography, think about how good each of those are. When you name characters in your plot summary, list the actors’ names directly afterward in parenthesis. Does the film reflect on a current event or contemporary issue?

This article has been viewed 5,047,376 times. It’s impossible to fully understand a movie you’ve only seen one time, especially if you’re pausing it often to take notes. Watch it at least once more before you compose your review. Pay attention to details you might have missed the first time around. Pick new points of focus this time; if you took a lot of notes on the acting the first time you watched the movie, focus on the cinematography the second time around. You could treat your review like a formal college essay, but it’s more interesting if you make it your own.

Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Please take a moment to look at the Raindancevalues. If you think you have what it takes drop us a message in the contact form and include some samples of your work. The third film in Romero’s series is a classic…but could have been so much more if he were given a big enough budget. Click the title card to read what he originally had in mind.

We’re putting a team together and we want you to be a part of it… Best-of lists, worst-of lists, all-time lists, funny lists, angry lists or anything else that makes us purr . Again, FKMG is especially interested in the past, so any all-time list must encompass all-time, not just the last couple of decades.

To learn more, refer to theirpitch guide. We are happy to include links or embed videos to your project/film and shout from the rooftops about it on our social media (we have a few things we don’t post links to, see below for more information). If you are a company wanting to share your products we also accept sponsored posts, see below for more information.

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