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We are one of the best small business blogs that accept guest posts. You can direct valuable traffic from business blogs that are known for accepting guest posts in minutes. Before you write anything, pick a topic for your blog post. “Write for us” or guest posting is one of the most popular Seo strategies that every company is utilizing for a long time.

Posts must be relevant to Mainvest, covering small business, finance, or investment. All you need to do is provide technology-based or DevOps-based content, and amaze our readers with your writing skills. Blogging can help you build brand awareness, become a thought-leader and expert in your industry, attract qualified leads, and boost conversions. Follow the steps and tips we covered above to begin publishing and enhancing your blog today. To get a better idea of how to make a CTA that readers want to click, we have a whole list of effective call to action examples for you to check out.

Experts estimate the SEO benefit to your site is 6 times greater when guest posting compared to writing on your own site. To write for us, we will only consider proposals from freelance writers, professional authors, startup companies, or individual writers. All marketing blogs such as digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Startup life covers business, marketing, design, sales and general growth-related content, not directly related to the customer experience, but relevant to startups and new entrepreneurs.

Chances are if the blog post was written effectively, you came away with helpful knowledge and a positive opinion about the writer or brand that produced the content. While you don’t technically need an About Us page, it’s definitely a good idea. About Us content is a way for customers to learn about you and create a sense of trust in your brand. If they feel connected to you and your brand, they’ll be more willing to purchase your products. For entrepreneurs who have a personal brand that goes with their business, this style of About Us page might be better.

Centering your images keeps the reader’s attention drawn to the subject — not searching for elsewhere. When you begin typing your blog content, it’s important that you divide paragraphs into sections that make it easier for the reader to find what they need. You’ve got a highly unique topic that’s been covered by just a few people so far. It’s time to flesh it out by covering related or adjacent topics.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We strongly believe that formulating great content is the key to success by opening numerous marketing opportunities for everyone. We will review and post your content within 2 Business Days. If everything goes well, we will publish your article within a week and will email you the article link. We do not accept Individual profiles of any startup founder unless or until they are well recognized and is a well-known household name.

Apart from work, we take common interests in technology, jewelry, literature, and philosophy. Don’t send articles with grammar mistakes, logical flaws, etc. Suger Mint require content to be written in English and are only open to accepting content which is unbiased and non-promotional. Suger Mint is one of the fastest-growing business magazine and Entrepreneur Networking platform for your Business Development. Don’t submit any clickbait, syndicated, plagiarism-infected content or content written for promos.

Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. If you have such an idea or story to tell just bring your typing keyboard and write for us. Our community is a Fast-growing Startup Website with visitors looking for startup stories, news, and articles. It’s every writer’s dream to reach an audience of that size and caliber. The Knowledge Corner has grown rapidly since, and now boasts almost 300 guest post and articles and has over 10,000 unique visitors each month.

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