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If you wanted to learn about how to get into gonzo journalism or the history behind it, you’ve come to the right place. Originally credited to Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalism is the style of writing where you’re covering a topic or event, but you’re mixing your… Can’t help but zero in on every grammatical error you see? Analyzing ads in public to figure out if you could write it better? Fighting the urge to red-pen any document that comes in front of you?

Inquires from writers at an agency will be read but not replied nor approved as Passion4FM Contributors. We hope you have the little extra in order to add another level of quality to Passion4FM – mainly through inventive ideas, unique writing angle and positive personality. Other than that you are basically your own boss here at Passion4FM. Passion4FM receives daily visitors from all over the globe.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Football fans need valuable Football information and insights– a football webpage that can be bookmarked and made reference to in the future and possibly forever. For new writers, we do our best to offer advice on style, grammar, and research, if and where required. We have done so for many writers who have contributed to the site while trying to break into the industry or studying for a relevant qualification. If it is a news piece try to not stretch it beyond 500, in case there is a lot of content cut down the less important parts and just describe it in your own language. You can write on just about anything, as long as it adds some value to the reader. But this doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in your ideas.

There are also opportunities to do flat-rate pieces on occasion. The editor may provide a specific piece they’d like written, with a flat dollar amount offer. Anyone can volunteer to be eligible for these opportunities. As a member of the FanSided network , you’ll immediately get that name recognition that independent websites have to work much harder for. All odds quoted correct at time of publishing and subject to change.

Find all latest football transfer news and rumors every hour here. Again, this is why you need to start writing football content for free if you really want to make money in the long run. Eyefootball.com is a football news site that reports the latest football transfer news from the Premier League and other top European divisions. Basically, to understand our content better, it’s best to go through our published articles. You can read about Soofootball to understand better. Soofootball.com is just one of the numerous online platforms publishing innovative football content and moving the religion forward globally.

And even a large number of writing job boards that promise well-paying gigs turn out to only have gigs that pay enough per assignment to fill your gas tank. Published six times a year, this magazine is always looking for features around the hobby of climbing, lifestyle, and wellness. Take the time to look at all the magazine’s departments before pitching.

Once published we encourage you to increase the exposure of the article by sharing it on your individual social media accounts e.g Twitter, Reddit and Facebook groups/pages. We hope you’ll monitor comments for any follow-up questions and/or feedback. The length of the article depends on the topic and how many words needed to get your views out. The normal length of insightful content ranges anywhere from 450 to 2500 words, sometimes even longer! The longer doesn’t always mean better, but in order to make the article well-researched and packed with insightful tips, we expect more than 300 words.

If you are looking for a platform for your football writing, stories, reports, or other media, we would like to hear from you. Census Bureau, there’s an estimated 54.1 million age 65 and older.And that’s pretty golden if you want to get paid to write about… Keep in mind, though, that just because a publication doesn’t specifically say it hires freelancers doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. You could always pitch the appropriate editor anyway – the worst that happens is they tell you they don’t use freelancers.

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