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Please relevant images in the blog and for featured image. In order for you to get your Blog posted on TheITbase, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge. If you’re looking to contribute an article toTheITbase, then you are Welcome and Thanks for your interest.

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Get a herbal hyperlink it surely facilitates to boost the cost of your website. And you understand that Google is counting the number of visitors published as a herbal hyperlink. Submit a visitor and get exceptional hyperlinks with the aid of using visitor publish. We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content. This will give you the benefit of getting leads and traffic directly to your website. So if you relate to any of the categories that we have mentioned then email us at or visit our Submit Blog post page.

Technology Write for Us – We at Digital Tech Updates providing aspiring and experienced writers with an opportunity to write for us on various topics. Our platform is built to provide articles with updates and trends in technology, reviews on launched gadgets, effective tips and strategies on social media marketing. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence or AI, Robotics, practical business ideas and the internet of things are some other topics we accept guest posts on. It is not an easy process if you think you will not need much time. You can spend a lot of time looking for information technology blogs to no avail.

Please include the draft and a link to your social media profile. While writing for free for the community is noble, writing is a valued skill, and you can get paid for it. If you write for established companies, you get money and you reach more people, as these companies usually have existing blogs that have an established readership base. Also, by committing to write for a place that pays you, the quality of your content will improve. You’ll try harder, and often the company will have an editor go over your work and improve it before publishing.

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