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If the title is irrelevant, then you can request the topics for which you can write for us and send over. Times of Sports is taking blog/articles/listicles to publish on our website, for which we keep quality as equivalence from your side. Our experts get your content publish in a very well optimized way to rank better and gain attention across globe. One stop guide to all the latest sports news, reviews, opinions, fixtures and live scores from India and around the world.

We are in a world where people take seconds to decide which article to read. When crafting a title, think about who is your reader, what they are looking for, achieve, or the solution you are giving. Times of Sports News Website with live match scores updates, latest news today on Cricket, Football in India, and headlines of other national sports.

Our readers come here for sports blogs, so they’re looking for articles that are interesting. It should be easy to read, informative, relevant, and engaging content. We welcome contrasting views and opinions on sports, and in particular the lesser-known sports.

If yes, you are at the right place; we will let you know how. We only review articles that have been proofread to make sure there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Articles that require extensive editing will be sent back to the writer. And, you will have to revise the article before re-submitting it to us for approval. Once we make your sports blog live, we will be promoting the blog like crazy and we also expect that you will promote it as much as possible from your end too. Sports Then and Now is always looking for passionate sports fans to write specific or general sports content for either the main sports site or one of the specific city sites.

Also, we don’t entertain contributors that submit guest posts on sports that are already published on another website. So, we run all copies through a plagiarism checker to ensure quality before publishing them. We are currently serving as one of the renowned sports blogs in the industry at this moment. As we believe in delivering high quality and unique content at our blog only, we don’t let anyone post their content here.

We welcome all the quality content writers who are willing to showcase their ideas to world by blogging. You can get inspiration from other sources you find in your research, but give credit and please be mindful of copyright laws. Our readers want engaging and interesting content, not re-hashes of other peoples hard work. We are one of many sports blogs that accept submissions and guest posts, so please don’t circulate the same work between us. Before proceeding further, we would like to thank you for showing up your interest in this platform.

In case you own a Football website and you want to feature on soofootball.com as a guest writer, you are welcome. The good part is that, unlike thousands of greedy website owners, we do not and we’ll NEVER charge for publishing football Guest posts. Guest post with Medhaavi will be the right choice for you to consider when you want to polish your skills and show them off. Writing for us is an excellent approach to reach a broad audience with your specialist knowledge. There are numerous advantages to being featured on our website.


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The Scorecrow was an idea birthed by the sports community on Twitter that grew into a website revolutionized by the sports community on Twitter. In the content, make sure you use SEO-friendly measures to increase the searchability of your content. In the content, you can use interrogative words in the title, such as what, where, when, and how to improve the searchability of your content. You must ensure that there shouldn’t be any grammatically, spelling mistakes, or inappropriate words in the content. We are not accepting any applications for those who are looking to promote products or their business.

Being controversial and having strong opinions is fone, we will not censor you. But I’ll repeat we won’t publish anything if you are insulting, abusive, derogatory, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist. Your article must be your original work, has not previously been published.

First and most importantly, your Love or passion for Football is key. It should be your number 1 motive of considering writing for soofootball.com. We ooze and exude passion for Football and yes, we love passionate football fans.

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