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We’re always looking for contributors to share relevant information to our users. If you have technical writing skills and knowledge of the software development industry, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to plug your social media, website, or blog in here as well (note that links will be no-follow unless you are forgoing your writer’s fee). You can also work this into your intro & conclusion sections.

At MageComp, we are always in search of new contributors. If you are an expert content writer and searching to showcase your content online then you can submit your article here. If you are interested, then you can submit a guest post using the below-given form. Only original, unpublished work will be accepted in MS word format – Please do not send articles that have already been published on your blog or elsewhere. We perform a plagiarism check, and it won’t be accepted if it isn’t original.

It will give you a better understanding of the type of content, tone, and format that we want to publish. Contact us and suggest the topics you could write about . Don’t forget to include the focus keyword for each topic. An article will go through up to two rounds of editing, via google docs.

Insights, tips, solutions – everything you need to run your retail business. Please fact-check your story and provide sources for all of your information. We love to receive practical inspirations for building a better E-commerce environment, especially those that help strengthen the Omnichannel retailer aspect. Business Setup Worldwide reserves the right to syndicate any submitted content to its affiliate properties under the aforementioned terms.

The page is a bit long and the requirements a bit stiff, but we feel it’s necessary to reduce spam submissions. Asking whether your article is getting published or not. If we have selected your article, you’ll hear from us. For example, linking to dating sites, SEO agencies, Credit-related sites, etc. aren’t allowed.

Once we publish your article, we will share it on all of our social channels, and we encourage you to share it on your social channels as well. Grammatically correct, and with no spelling mistakes. Proofread it 10 times at least before submitting it. Don’t use any irrelevant or misleading promotional links.

We are NOT looking for posts written about a trip you took or a destination you’ve only visited once for a few days at a time. As an eCommerce development company, our main audience interest varies from Ecommerce geek of Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, mobile app development, SEO and digital marketing. Your post needs to provide value to our readers — we respect our followers and don’t want to bother them with time-wasting content. Check out our latest posts to not duplicate topics. Seriously, you would not believe how many writers pitch me who have clearly never read this page.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

So we like to work with real people and not with SEO agencies. Please get to know us a bit better before sending us your article. Follow us on our social media channels and share our other articles. This will greatly increase your chances of getting published. While we accept both full-length articles as well as pitches, make sure your ideas and completed projects are as ready for publication as you can make them.

We would be happy to share your tips, lists, tutorials, case studies, guides that fall into these categories. If you use outbound links in your text do not overreach the limit of 5 links per article. If you want to link to yours or your partner’s website, we can guarantee 1 follow and 1 nofollow backlink, one of them can contain the keyword appropriate for linked URL. We reserve the right to remove included links (e.g. if they can harm our blog’s authority, aren’t related to the text or doesn’t give any value for our readers).

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