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If you are looking to boost your gambling business, you will come to different ways to advertise on the internet. Also, you will get to know that a huge competition among gambling businesses is out there. That is the reason it is very important to gain ranking in search engines to survive in and beat the competition. • Please write in a general manner because our website has a large number of postings that are quite similar to one another. If, on the other hand, we settle on the idea of presenting you with a promotional item, we will provide you with additional instructions at that time. The length requirement at mamacasinos.com; your guest post must be at least 500 words, with a maximum of 2000.


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You must write your poker article in perfect English. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are required for any professional writer in the gaming sector or any other field. Grammarly is a great tool to use if English isn’t your first language. Advertising with us will give you access to a highly skilled, relevant audience , including research managers and administrators, directors of development, and industry worldwide. Contributors can either submit their article to this email, pitch a few article possibilities, or request a copy of our Editorial Guidelines. If you are a regular writer with Gifts, you may be invited to our Basecamp and can submit into our writer’s studio.

Guest writing on well-known websites allows you to reach a new audience, establish yourself as an authority, and increase your social media following. All you have to do is poker write for us and submit a guest article on your experience or an intriguing viewpoint. Jon Pill has been a freelance writer and gambling journalist since 2015. His writing on poker strategy, poker news, and gambling has appeared in numerous outlets including PokerTube and Best Poker Coaching. He is based in the Midlands in the UK, where he also writes about science, aviation, and film. We ask that your article previously unpublished.

These are a great way to share what you know about gambling with others. Our team is a group of dedicated poker players and freelance journalists from around the world. We share a love and passion for poker and poker journalism. Instead of just regurgitating facts and statistics, our writers produce content geared toward what poker players care about. When one of our writers learns of a promotion or upcoming tournament that interests them as a player, they report on it as quickly as possible.

Since integrity is our guiding star, we write all our stories in a fair and unbiased way. In addition to up-to-the-minute news, Poker.org is also building an encyclopedia of information on poker strategy, poker professional profiles, annual poker tournament series, and more. All told, we love poker and want to share our love of the with new fans and seasoned veteran players alike. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions on our poker coverage.

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