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The best way to search for a freelance writing job is by joining a freelancer marketplace such as odesk, freelancer, etc. But if a person do not have required skills then he can never become success as an freelancer. Henneke, who I mentioned in the post, is a great writer to look up to. I’ve had very good experiences working with Ali Luke (who you’ve probably seen on ProBlogger).

This can include gyms, hair salons, landscapers, etc. Of course, they could pay a professional writer or do these tasks themselves. But most would prefer to have someone do it for free.

Each site or niche is different and it astounds me how much some writers expect to receive per word. I’m willing to pay for good writing but writers, especially new ones need to be reasonable about their rates. If they get in with a good corporate gig I can see them making the rate they want. Anyone freelancing that is looking for work needs to keep their expectations humble. You can always ask for an increase after you develop the relationship.

Either way, a new hire still signifies a change in strategy. And it’s likely they’ll need more content and more help creating that content. Even though you’ll waste some work hours on free work, you’ll more than make up for it with the steady stream of new clients you get.

The bulk of the jobs we suggest are ones you can do from home. With a guest post, you’re writing content for a website you don’t own, you’re credited as the author, and you get an author byline . How freelance writers land gigs tend to vary based on their experience writing. When you have a good body of work, you’ll get many of your blog writer jobs through referrals and repeat customers. As a result, if you’re an experienced writer, you typically make more money. At Mom News Daily, we’re always looking for great writers to join our team.


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In fact, whenever you publish a new article, you should spend some time finding and answering Quora questions related to it as a way to drive traffic. Get specific with your search criteria to find ideal jobs — jobs that are in your niche, about subjects that interest you, and offer to pay premium prices. Ghostwriting pays better than regular freelance writing.When you ghostwrite, it’s not unheard of to increase your fee by 15%-20% . A lot of writers don’t like the idea of ghostwriting.

You should also check out our Freelance Writing Hub. From elevating your writing skills to getting paid to write, it’s a go-to resource for everything you need to know about freelancing. If you’d like to keep your list of remote job boards short, freelancewriting.com is a good one to keep on it. As its name would suggest, the ProBlogger Job Board is a popular one among bloggers in search of freelance writing work and blogger jobs. Rather than waiting for the company to post an ad for freelance writers , take the initiative and demonstrate value upfront.

This may include sending a newsletter, posting on your social media channels, making an announcement, or linking to it from your own website. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your article being removed from the website. It’s good to know that you have done a thorough and deep level of brainstorming blog topic on freelancing content writing tasks.

Once you’ve identified a few good prospects, it’s time to start crafting your pitch. Keep an eye out for any information on the new direction of their content strategy. If the ad says they’re looking to use written content to build authority in their niche, then make note of it. Instead, make a list of 10 to 20 blogs, companies, or influencers you’d most like to write for. They’d be willing to share and/or link to the article once you’ve published it. Try to pick a short, simple idea that won’t take too much time to write.

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