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Many benefits on both a business and personal level. It can offer instant exposure, boost social media platforms and enable the opportunity to flex that all-important online authority. Your About Us page should include your social media links, so customers can connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Your article should not be published on other sites. Kapture team will check and will not accept if it is not original. Our blog caters to sales management, business development, sales enablement, sales operations leaders, managers and reps, and also small business owners. In customer service, it is essential to be polite and positive in your writing and not sound preachy or rude.

Include all the relevant milestones and details about your business. You can use a template, such as the one below offered by SlideSalad, or create your own custom presentation. One of my clients, a real estate broker, is also a marathon runner. In writing her About Us page, we drew an analogy between running and selling real estate – it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Currently, Help Desk Migration has stopped accepting guest posts. A lot of people are talking about customer service but what’s your take on it? Tell us what you think about a particular subject without going over the top. Please take some time to review this entire page as it clearly explains the guidelines, the submission process, and the type of content we accept. The article may contain external links, but they should come from trusted domains with authority and naturally fit the content.


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Try breaking up the copy with descriptive subheads, much as I’ve done in this post. It will help organize the copy and also make it scannable, which is how many people read online. Video can be a quality addition to your About Us page. You can have it be “A Message from the CEO” or a quick video tour of your facilities or products.

Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. That’s how you’ll establish a rapport with your visitors, and it’s the best way to make them receptive to what you’re telling them and what you’re selling them, too. A visitor to your website wants to know a real human is behind this business. Write as though you’re speaking face-to-face. A friendly tone will make you more likable. You can even include a brief anecdote that demonstrates your corporate philosophy.

We love collaborating with other individuals to provide content to our audience that will help them reach their business goals. We believe customer support is just as responsible for company growth as any other team. We want support teams to be armed with the data, metrics and knowledge that will help them advocate for and defend the customer when company decisions are made. We ask that content be well researched and all sources are referenced to ensure quality. We ask that all content submitted be an original article (i.e. written by you), and isn’t published elsewhere (LinkedIn, Medium etc.). One final note, we only accept guest blog submissions from corporate/business email addresses.

We expect to do a little tuning to suit our tone of voice, but we won’t accept poorly edited work that needs heavy correction. If for some reason you need more time, then put that across to your customer. Don’t leave them in the dark or give them the feeling that you did not read their email properly.

Articles on topics that are outside of our subject matter. When we start accepting posts again, you will find the updates on this page. We reserve the right to make changes to the title and the content of the post. We may also ask for some level of re-writing, addition or removal of some material.

Everybody, young and old, loves a good story. Finally, another client who owned a fine dining restaurant had a hot air balloon and frequently traveled to balloon rallies to fly. On his About Us page, we wrote about his love for flying, which was second only to his love for gourmet cooking. Their About Us page also described their commitment to only promote products that were environmentally safe and made by manufacturers who shared similar values.

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