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We check all articles for plagiarism with Copyscape, EduBirdie, and Grammarly. Guest posting on our website will help writers to get good experience. It is your responsibility to proofread your articles before submitting them to us. Authors are expected to follow copyright laws and not infringe on others’ rights. This means no stealing of other’s articles or other works. A bio, profile, image, and link to their website below all of their articles.

We look for articles in the areas of productivity,project management , marketing, growth, team management, agile coaching, SEO, etc. If you use outbound links in your text do not overreach the limit of 5 links per article. If you want to link to yours or your partner’s website, we can guarantee 1 follow and 1 nofollow backlink, one of them can contain the keyword appropriate for linked URL. We reserve the right to remove included links (e.g. if they can harm our blog’s authority, aren’t related to the text or doesn’t give any value for our readers). We expect all guest posts to be between 1000 and 2000 words long.

Bonus points if you also bring a deep love for spreadsheets and familiarity with digital marketing and CRO. However, the cost works according to a budget established in the initial stage of the project. And the three constraints are not only interconnected but also highly dependent on each other.

We do not accept spun articles, plagiarized work, and texts that are already published on other websites, including your own website. We often have a backlog of guest posts and only use 4-5 per month, so it may take 8-10 weeks for your post to appear. We pay via Paypal at the end of the month your post appears (on Mass Pay, so no fees get taken out!), so make sure we have your correct Paypal email.

We reserve the right to edit your articles for editorial reasons, including modifying grammar, spelling, and style. We reserve the right to decline the publication of any post, article, or comment deemed inappropriate. Choose an interesting topic related to Project Management and gather all the information about the topic beforehand.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Start with a first article and see if you enjoy the process! Of course you can also contribute on a regular basis. We are on the list of quality blogs that accept guest postsand best websites and blogs that accepts guest post. Articles should offer readers clear advice about specific change management topics, or unique approaches to change management, leadership development, or organizational change.

We are transparent and a trustable online platform. We’ll create a custom author page for you and schedule your publication. We’ll give you a date for when the blog will go live. If we accept your article, an editor will work closely with you on things like organization, argumentation, and style. We’ll collect the team’s feedback and get back to you with notes. Then, please send us your interest through the form on this page and we will be in touch.

We’re looking for writers who are well versed with SaaS B2B writing and have a sense of SEO writing. If that sounds like you, please take a look at our brief instructions below to see how you can contribute to our blog. On Paymo’s blog, you can read and learn how to run projects better, manage your time and team, and, in general, be more efficient and productive at work. Writing guest posts will give your site a higher chance of getting a good rank. Marifilmines has noted some qualities they want to see in a writer planning to write a guest post on Project management. All articles must be original content with a minimum word count of 500.

We prefer 800 to 1,200-word guest posts (unless we’re assigning you a specific idea from the list above at a longer length we agree upon). Thought leaders with in-depth knowledge on project management, productivity, time management. You have never written a blog post about anything related to project management, company culture, or software. If you already have a topic in mind, that’s great! We can refine the idea so that your article will get maximum attention and provide the most value to the readers.

Our guest writers come from various background and experience like managers, productivity professionals, experienced blogger and students. Your post needs to provide value to our readers — we respect our followers and don’t want to bother them with time-wasting content. Check out our latest posts to not duplicate topics.

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