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Our articles offer businesses and agencies best practices forFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram. Are you interested in guest blogging for Social News Daily or want to “Write For Us”? We’ve already mentioned that you must include your sources. If you’ve mentioned a study or a report, you should include a link. We’ll get back to you with our feedback and let you know if we’re interested in publishing your piece to Social Barrel. Do you have an idea that will tickle or excite the minds of our readers?


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Spread out the calls to action — click, share, tag, answer a question. Social Media news and opinion pieces are always welcome. Once your article is selected for publication, our editorial team will work with you to make any necessary edits or revisions. We can also make changes to improve readability or to make the article more user-friendly. We have the right to edit our articles or their titles as we see fit.

Articles that do not meet Stefanini’s editorial standards will not be published. Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). They’re used on social media, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic. When you click on a hashtag in a tweet it links you to other tweets using the same hashtag. All links to external resources must be relevant. If you don’t have any links, please add a short write-up on the suggested topics.

” The posts that we featured here are all informative and educational. If your article is non-inspiring and non-informative, then it’s not for us. We can’t promise that we’ll include your piece in our website until you can provide us with nearly publication-perfect post. It must include high-quality, non-copyright images.

Hundreds to thousands of your peers will read your article in our website. Your potential employers or clients may already be our loyal readers and will be able to read your published post. Our community is passionate about technology, gadgets, mobile, social media and anything in between. They’re eager to know more about what is new in the IT world and learn about tips on how to go about the social media. Writing for us will give you a great opportunity to be part of that discussion.

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