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Indonesia Online Casino – Poker game is a game that uses playing cards consisting of 52 cards with 4 different symbols. ranging from 2 to ace which distinguishes the 4 symbols, namely diamonds, curls, hearts, spades. of the 4 symbols must be arranged from lowest to highest

How to play poker is actually very easy, at the beginning of the online poker game you will open 2 cards that the dealer has given to the player. in poker games will determine the call, check, raise, all in and fold within 10 seconds. The game of poker has become very popular all over the world.

The dealer will open 3 cards then continue on the fourth to fifth cards in this game. with the highest 5 card combination will be considered the winner in this poker game. Playing online poker, the task of the player must be to be able to combine cards correctly. Each card obtained from the dealer has a card with a different value, how to get the card combination with the highest value. then from there the victory will be obtained by the player. Having a card with a high value is the expectation of everyone who bets poker. For that, before playing poker, you must understand the arrangement of card combinations from the highest and lowest.

The arrangement of online poker card combinations from the highest to the lowest

The easy way to play poker is that all players must understand the order of card combinations. if you are a novice player. Here will be mentioned the arrangement or sequence of Indonesia online poker card combinations as follows:

  • Royal flush

Royal flush is the highest card combination in the order of 10, J, QKA with the same symbol.

  • Straight flush

This straight flush is the lowest card combination of a sequence of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 which has the same symbol.

  • Four of a kind

Four of a kind is a combination of cards that have 4 of the same card value with different symbols

  • full house

Full house is a combination of cards that have the same 3 values ​​with the same 2 values ​​but the symbols are different. Full house is also a sequence of cards that have easy combinations. Hence, most players will aim for the full house combination.

  • Flush

Flus is a combination of cards that have the same symbol with different values. you can win flush easily and get a lot of money

  • Straight

Straight is a combination of cards that are in sequence but with different symbols.

  • Three of a kind

This three of a kind is a combination of cards with 3 of the same card value and 2 different values

  • two pairs

Two pairs is a combination of 2 pairs of cards with the same value, namely the numbers 2, 2, 5, 5, J. Having a two power card can be understood. the easiest two pair to play

  • one pair

One pair is a best combination of cards that only has 1 pair with the same value as J, Q, K, K A.

  • high card

High card does not have a combination of cards and a pair only has a combination of cards with the highest value.

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How to play poker is to understand the order of the cards with the numbers so that later you can combine cards easily. Having the highest card combination will certainly lead you to victory. then, how to play online poker will not be far from the numbers. because, the game of poker is a playing card game as a medium of play. it is very natural that every player must understand playing cards, for example a strong but strong king card depending on the poker variation it will definitely be strong.

The choices that online poker card dealers give players

There are many combinations in the poker game

How to play online poker must also understand the choices given by online poker bookies. so, here will be mentioned these options as follows

  • Raise is placing a bet to play a game
  • Call is following: placing a bet that has been determined by the nominal amount in every online poker game that you play.
  • All of this is placing chips on all poker game tables, even though you install all of this can lead to luck if you get a card with a better number. you better wait until the fifth stage so you can feel the victory in the poker game. On the other hand, if you get a card with a bad number, don’t go all-in. maybe, you lose the poker game.
  • Check is just checking without the slightest fee.
  • Fold is not playing poker, if you get a card with a bad number, it’s better to just fold. then you play cards with bad numbers that will make you a big loss because you can lose a lot of capital.

How to play online poker must really understand cards with numbers so that you don’t combine them wrongly. In addition, you must also understand the options given by the bookie to all players. So, playing poker can be smoother and faster to win.

Jackpot calculation in online poker games

There are also abundant jackpots that can be obtained easily by all players. The biggest jackpots include a royal flush of 80%, a straight flush of 30% and four of a kind 10%. In poker games there are nominals that you want to get an abundant jackpot of money.

Tackpot itself is a very large amount of money profit bonuses. In every online gambling game there is a jackpot. including in Indonesia online casino games there are abundant jackpots. To be able to get the jackpot, you must follow the jackpot bet. So, later you also have a great chance of getting the jackpot.

How to get the jackpot must also win the poker game. You also have to really understand the card game. above, it has been explained about the order of the cards correctly starting from the royal flush, one pair, two pair, high card, straight and many more. all the order of the cards must be understood correctly.

Online poker cards will then be distributed by the dealer. The cards that have been dealt by the dealer must be combined correctly. in order to get the highest combination in this online poker game.

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