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However, if the content falls on all these criteria, we will accept it and publish it. We can provide you with an opportunity to write for us and gain more and more readers on your content. To begin guest blogging for us, you can share a blog outline for a topic listed above and share it with our team by clicking on the ‘Write for Us’ button below. If your idea is out of the box, our team members will reach out to you. The Freshsales blog is a diverse platform for discussing sales ideas, strategies, software and skills. is a manufacturing blog that providing the latest manufacturing news for engineer.

Our audience is made of entrepreneurs and business professionals who look for actionable tips and insights on how to improve and grow their businesses. They either run or work at startups, scaling small businesses or well-positioned medium companies. A common characteristic of them all is the will to learn more about business and put their knowledge to good use. Writing for us is a great way to showcase your engineering expertise, gain exposure, and earn goodwill.

Content submissions as guest contributors are unpaid. Featured writers and experts will receive credit, increased exposure to our global readership, and a backlink to their own website. Before submitting material, please read our Terms of Service.

We recommend that you browse our website and read the blogs to get a sense of the tone, structure, and format that we prefer. In general, it’s best to keep the link count under 5. In the manufacturing industry, yourcredentials are critical. Potential customers look for specific credentials to ensure quality and value from your products and services and your company itself. Your manufacturing company’s About Us page is the right place to share this important information. We do not accept nor provide paid posts or any form of excessive self-promotion on our blog.

You have to provide original content without plagiarism. The content must be simple and easy to understand, with all the explanations of the technical terms. The guidelines are simple to understand as it only demands error-free, quality-based, plagiarism-free content. Are you a subject matter expert in the Manufacturing sector?

All the topics we have mentioned are some of the important topics that the readers want to know the most. You can identify the demands of the audience and judge what information they want to know. Use an eye-catchy title so that a large number of writers will be keen to read the article.


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Writing for us as Manufacturing enthusiasts would be the best option. We are looking for writers who can write guest posts related to Manufacturing that can enhance the quality of blog posts and provide sufficient knowledge to the readers. The content must be related to Manufacturing which can enhance readers’ knowledge. Only original content is accepted on our website. We retain first publication rights as well as the ability to reuse or modify content.

The content must be grammatically correct without any grammatical errors. At the end of the article, the author must include a personal bio and image so we can fully attribute them to them.

We will run your article through a plagiarism checker, and if we find any copied content, we will reject it outright. Please carefully review all of the above conditions if you wish to write for us. Advertising Standards Canada has strict disclosure guidelines that we are mandated to follow. In this regard, we will HTML-tag “no follow” on all live links whether they are free or paid. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. An author bio or contextual follow link to a desired website of your choice. Increasing your visibility as an author or an authority in the industry by having your content and business promoted on our website. Do you want to share an article about the Queen of flowers? Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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