How We Are Saying “Hello” In Ghana

In Ghana, there are lots of totally different languages spoken by the varied ethnic teams. However, the 2 primary languages spoken are Akan and Ewe. The Akan language is essentially the most widely spoken, with over 60% of the population speaking it as a primary language. The Ewe language is spoken by around 15% of the inhabitants. There are also many different languages spoken by smaller teams, such as Ga, Dagbani, and Nzema.

Other common greetings embrace “Akwaba” and “Ebenezer” . Learning a few phrases is so helpful when touring to a new country. We at all times discover the locals really respect us trying and it often is comical lol. Politeness goes a great distance, and when locals see that you’re making an effort to study their language and greet them, they’ll respect you more and never take a glance at you as a lost and confused foreigner.

A Ghanaian living abroad, this word originated from the word Hamburger after residents of Hamburg, many of who’re of Ghanaian origin. This regionally brewed spirit is produced from extremely fermented palm wine and is highly intoxicating . Our e-newsletter hand-delivers the best bits to your inbox. Sign as much as unlock our digital magazines and likewise receive the newest information, events, offers and partner promotions. Some Ghanaians informed me it can be an indication of disrespect if someone talks whereas consuming.

The majority of the country’s population is indigenous to Ghana, which has over eighty ethnic languages spoken by folks from numerous tribes. Because of its colonial history, English is Ghana’s official language. Foreign languages, similar to Spanish, Chinese, German, and Swahili, are taught at colleges 50mm street photography and universities. Ga-Adangme is a dialect spoken in Ghana’s south-eastern region. In addition to Dagabani, Gonja, and Nzema, dialects of the Northern Region of Ghana are spoken. This is a sort of English spoken in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and Sierra Leone.

The gesture of greeting others with a handshake, a kiss on the cheek, or a hug is taken into account well mannered. The elderly and other high-ranking officers are afforded special remedy in Ghana. People in Ghanaian tradition greet one another with a phrase meaning “good morning” during the day, so it’s customary for them to do so during the day.

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