How To Write A Compelling Cosmetic Dentist Bio or ‘About Me’ Page

As a new dental blog is posted, aging blogs literally get pushed further down a website’s blog page. It provides news, interesting information, or an opinion about a particular topic. While a reader may share a blog with a friend or on a social media platform, web pages are rarely shared.

Knowing the importance of genetic screening in ensuring more effective surveillance and treatment for patients and families, I advocated for genetic screening during patient interviews. In addition to asking patients research-related questions, I answered all their questions regarding germline testing to my full capacity. I noted the questions that I wasn’t able to answer in order to relay them to my principal investigator for his expertise.


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The area of your mouth being restored determines the material used for your crown. If you are looking to close spaces or gaps between your teeth, bonding may be recommended. Using composite resin, we can restore chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth. During the procedure, the composite resin is placed on the tooth structure, where it is sculpted to fit your tooth.

This reaffirmed my life dream of becoming a dentist and has inspired me to keep pushing towards it. At any time, life can throw you in directions you didn’t expect. It is always extremely valuable to look at one’s experiences and learn all that you can from them. I have learned the value of earning trust; accomplished by compassion, communication and a high level of care. I am devoted to accomplishing my life purpose of serving others. This can be a considerable hindrance, so don’t try to take on this task alone.

While technology is at the forefront of change, what remains consistent over time is the importance of communication and accountability to provide excellent patient care. I’ve had the privilege to shadow Dr. Ann Lee, an oral surgeon, over the past 3 years. Among many things, she showed me that inherent in communication is accountability. Many of her patients are children and teens having teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons. The son of a family who had been Dr. Lee’s patients for over a decade arrived for a complicated wisdom tooth extraction. Despite familiarity with the family, the doctor painstakingly reviewed the extraction process to prepare them effectively.

In most cases, a web page promotes a service or product, or provides information directly related to a company. Therefore, a blog post is indexed by Google quickly, so it shows up in search results fast. Its rankings will fall as other posts and pages are indexed on the same topic. Having many blogs on a topic increases the potential for a business to have a blog in page-one Google results, and also spreads a wider net of keywords related to the primary topic. All of this points directly to the fact that businesses, large and small, need high quality website content – pages and blogs.

I learned that active listening and communication are essential in building trust, forming quality connections, and overall, becoming a compassionate, caring dentist. I know that this is my true calling in life and I would love to be a part of the positive transformation in people’s lives helping them achieve beautiful, confident, and healthy smiles. When I arrived in Canada, I started shadowing a general dentist, and an orthodontist, . I was able to observe how doctors restore oral health, transforming the lives of their patients. Two years ago, there was a young child who came to ‘s clinic with the hope of having his bite realigned.

A dentist is part of a larger healthcare team, and a dentist can often treat not only a single patient over decades, but provide intergenerational care to a family. I aspire to dentistry to accompany my patients through life, 6 months at a time, offering compassionate, whole-person healthcare.” Before you start crafting your own stellar dental school personal statement, you must review some dental school personal statement examples. These sample essays can help you brainstorm and reflect on what you would like to include in your essay.

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