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Quality, relevance, and distinctiveness will be used to determine whether or not an article is accepted. If you have any social media profiles, include links to them. Last but not least, keep in mind that in case we publish your article, you cannot publish it anywhere else even on your own blog.

As the name suggests, their blog is dedicated to introverts, and receives 2 million views a month! Topics include relationships, personality, career, and the science behind introversion. You are free to link to authority quality resources to add value to the article.

When you start writing guest posts for us, you will learn much more than you originally knew about that topic, since you will be researching a lot. However, that is not the only thing you will gain from this activity. If you think you are interested in writing for us, we would be more than happy to hear you out. Our organization is all about listening and helping each other grow as a people. Don’t worry, you do not need expert knowledge on all the topics related to our field. The thing that matters to us is the ideas you have for your articles and the way you get them across.

These issues typically include substance misuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD and the need to re-adjust to civilian life. Your mental health guest posts should be original content pieces, that haven’t been published elsewhere. Our objective is to make PaRecovery the number one resource for people who share our passion. That is why a different group writes our blogs or articles of writers, researchers, and those with personal experience of mental health problems and some by our reliable correspondents. #5 Guest writers are expected to write in plain English with appropriate grammar and spelling. I also encourage guest bloggers to include relatable experiences and personality in their articles.


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If you don’t mention this separately, we’ll publish the articles under our in-house author’s name. Is a health, fitness, and quality-of-life centered magazine. Their readers are active, educated and discerning.

Accepts articles on health, wellness, the environment, transformational travel and personal growth. Articles are usually between 600 and 1500 words. They pay $0.10 per word and prefer that you query the editors before sending in submissions. Thank you for taking the time to consider writing for Mentor Pro. Please read the following to learn more about the kind of content we publish. We’d love to hear from you if you’re an amazing writer who is well-versed in themes linked to mental health and addictions.

It’s nice to know who you are, so include a personal bio of about 100 words. We won’t claim ownership of your piece; you own the copyright. But if you choose to republish your piece on another publication, we politely request that you mention that it was first published on Psychreg, and that you link back to the original piece. You don’t need to include APA citations in brackets. Please insert your references as hyperlinks; here’s how to do it. Psychreg is known for being an easily digestible read, so articles will need to be around 500–1,000 words.

A jailed Ferguson protester and a former police officer can reveal things about the state of police-community relations that reporters will never see. But mental health is a broad subject, so consider not only what you’d like to write more of in the future, but what niche publications your article idea would best be suited for. We give you a link and a dedicated profile page for you while you get featured in our blog section. In that, along with featuring a headshot and bio, we will provide links to all your social media channels.

Psychreg can provide additional exposure to you and your work. We receive around 300,000 views on a good month, and we’ve won awards for what we do. Adjust article titles where necessary, in order to optimize reader engagement and SEO. Need an editor or an expert to make an infographic?

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