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The International Wine Accessories blog pays $50 and up for articles. The Washington Post’s PostEverything section reportedly pays $250 for essays on politics or culture. Everyday Feminism pays $75 per post, but they are not always in the market for contributors. Sign up for their newsletter or check back often to see when they need a writer.

At Upworthy, our Active Visits percentage is about 30 points better than the industry average. At Upworthy, we’ve focused relentlessly on increasing the percentage of visits that are active, and it’s working. Stay tuned to see what Zazie has in store — I have a feeling it’s going to be phenomenal. Which brings us to today, with Zazie joining Upworthy as our new Head of Brand Solutions.

You should share interesting content found elsewhere because it gives potential customers something to read – and shows that you know your stuff. […] A good headline can be the difference between 1,000 people and 1,000,000 people reading something. Here are three ways the Upworthy model could impact, or even improve, your content marketing. Pay at The Daily Dot’s online magazine The Kernel varies, so be prepared to negotiate. I saw a report of $350 for a 1,000-2,000 word option piece.

Write about the intersection of theatre-making and social justice for HowlRound. You can write pieces for the Journal, participate in a variety of online media events, or propose other content for publication. The majority of GH’s 25 million readers are women who are married, have children, and work outside the home. This mag pays for short narratives on “blessings” and overcoming health challenges. It’s not easy to get your pitch accepted by Copyhackers. They only accept 1 in 30 pitches and only publish a third of those.


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But great stories never change, and even though these fundamentals are timeless, we believe there’s ample room for empathetic, human-centered storytelling in our modern, rapidly-changing world. And 2015 was the year when Upworthy embraced this challenge completely. We’re proud of our “small but mighty” video team. But the reality is, if we’re going to truly seize the opportunity, our video business can’t stay small anymore. If we’re serious about video, we have to put serious resources against it. Our ambitions here, and the opportunity before us, are too large for an incremental approach.

You got the guest post – which means you’re doing something right, now prove it. Starting a conversation that really gets people talking, pretty much guarantees you’ll get invited to post again. It’s also no secret that most comments come from a successful close. Like Pandora, one of the best things about guest blogging is that it exposes you to something that’s new based on something familiar. Unfortunately, many guest posters will sacrifice their own voice and do everything they can to sound exactly like the blog they’re posting on.

With a core team of only 20 staff writers, we reach over 25 million unique readers every month. Writers who are used to reaching a few thousand people elsewhere reach millions here. We build intelligence about how to reach people into every decision, every edit, and every system. At Upworthy, our stories are shared at a rate of between six and 30 times that of other media companies.

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