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Sending images alongside your submitted articles is very recommended and it’ll increase your chance of being published. Sign up and we’ll send you 3 companies hiring writers now. Plus, we’ll send more companies as we find and review them. is here to simply accept blogs for games, health, tech, education, and more. So please, if you would like to submit blogs on Business Glimpse then please email at It’s a pretty great feeling to see something you’ve written published on GameSkinny. It’s an even better feeling when you are on the front page. You’ll gain so many lucrative skills you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Who knew my experience using Google Analytics and mastering SEO would land me a job in digital media.

Before you launch your blog you’ll want to customize your WordPress website to suit your brand, appeal to your audience, and look the way you want it to. You now officially have a blog, but it’s not time to release it to the world just yet. It’s a free software, supported by a community of developers and experts, so it’s always being updated and improved.

Any links to any other websites within the blog post must be relevant and of quality. Before moving forward with any product or service, we need to answer all of the questions. First, you’ll need to know why you’re writing to us if you’re going to write to us. We are extremely thankful for showing up your interest to contribute to this platform.


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Deorbital is a “videogame-aligned journal for insightful articles on games, culture, and society.” They prioritize writing from marginalized voices and young writers. EN World offers news coverage of tabletop roleplaying games. They are looking for articles for their three publications named TRAILseeker, EN5ider, and EONS. Moreover, this blog will also provide you an opportunity to provide wide exposure to your blog or website also. We are currently serving as one of the leading gaming blogs at this moment and are already having different social media channels into our account.

Ogrezine is a PDF magazine that is published by Steve Jackson Games in Austin, Texas, United States. The magazine is “devoted to the game of Ogre in its many forms.” They are looking for anything related to Ogre that their readers might find interesting. For those who want to get paid to write about something fun — here’s a list of 24 magazines, blogs, and websites that publish writing about games. Topics include video games, board games, roleplaying games, and more. There’s even a publisher of “interactive text-based games” listed here.

It is just the opportunity that will help you in improving your business to the next level just by putting on very little effort by your side. So let’s get started and join this wonderful endeavor to make people aware of gaming innovation. We simply wanted to let you know about let’s take full advantage of our amazing site. Today’s generation enjoys both indoor and outdoor games.

Within this content, you can promote the top gaming affiliate programs and begin to start earning from your hard work. If you have a logo for your blog, make sure it’s prominent as part of your header so that it’s one of the first things people see when they land on your blog. Once you’re happy with your theme and plugins, now’s a good time to customize the way your blog looks.

It can also be more related to the topics you write about, like an in-depth guide on what’s happening in the esports community or what’s popular on Twitch. Gaming is an acquired skill, and even for the most seasoned of gamers there’ll be a point where we put down the controller and search for a walkthrough or guide. Although sales are higher and interest peaks around launch dates, people love to pick up a bargain from the store so your reviews will receive hits throughout the year.

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