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That’s not to say Facebook Groups can’t lead to writing jobs that pay. The trick is you need to find groups where the buyers, not the sellers, hang out. Some of the results will be scams, but most will be legitimate.


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Reading these before you start writing will decrease your chances ofrejection further down the line. Very informative post, really liked this post… Thanks for sharing. Especially the tips on the bio and testimonials. It’s a valuable post especially in these days of COVID-19 when everybody is looking to work from home and looking for freelance work. I really appreciate that you put on a great effort to bring out such outstanding content.

Finding good freelance writing jobs can be challenging even for experienced writers, and breaking into the business is downright difficult. Contently is one of the highest-rated freelance writing job sites, but they also host a blog called The Freelancer, and it pays! With a focus on marketing for freelancers, this blog pays based on experience, article length and whether interviewing is included in your piece.

I want to show this to my friends right now and I’m going to take action immediately. Many websites, especially large ones that receive lots of inquiries, will use their editorial guidelines to eliminate sub-par candidates. I have a Master’s in Computer Science that I paid way too much money to acquire. Know how many times I’ve been asked by a potential client if I had a degree? Know how many times the word “degree” popped up when Jon was interviewing me for Smart Blogger?

Your favorite hobbies may be just the place to start looking to find freelance work.What are you interested in? For example… GardeningHorsesSailingModel railroadsSport fishingBicyclingTravel You can find freelance… The reality is if you want to make a full-time income writing, you’ll need to do more than just poetry. Here are some of the sites that pay you to write about food and beverages. You will have to submit the application form and choose a topic you want to write about. Here are some of the sites that pay you to write about science and technology.

If you’re a software developer and you want to build your personal brand while getting paid to write about interesting technical topics, you’ve come to the right place. Many publications don’t care where you’re based, as long as you write well and pitch an idea that appeals to their audience, whoever that may be. They look for blog posts that run 1,200 to 1,800 words long.

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