Asante Twi: Fundamental Phrases And Attention-grabbing Details Yen Comgh

Ghanaians hardly ever use »hello«, it’s hardly to be heard even amongst younger folks. Much extra frequent use good morning/afternoon/evening. Always use your right hand for consuming, shaking palms, giving and receiving items, cash etc. It takes time to get used to not utilizing your left, always have in mind that left is by some means »haram« . In case that you simply unwantedly use it or in case your right hand is basically not free, you must say “sorry for left”. The most populous francophone nation on the planet is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 40% of the total inhabitants can speak French.

Men should not go shirtless besides on the beach, poolside, or festivals and shrines the place your shirt should be removed. Shorts and T-shirts are fine after the workday hours or on weekends, when it is informal time. Always try to hold your shoes clear of filth and dust. When a big space or group or even a ready room, a wave and a greeting is suitable.

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The majority of the country’s inhabitants is indigenous to Ghana, which has over 80 ethnic languages spoken by individuals from numerous tribes. Because of its colonial historical past, English is Ghana’s official language. Foreign languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, German, and Swahili, are taught at colleges 50mm street photography and universities. Ga-Adangme is a dialect spoken in Ghana’s south-eastern region. In addition to Dagabani, Gonja, and Nzema, dialects of the Northern Region of Ghana are spoken. This is a type of English spoken in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and Sierra Leone.

Knowing just a couple words of the local language makes a huge impact. Ask your guide to show you to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘How are you’ in Twi or view a few of our language videos for more phrases. Always greet people from right to left, all the time along with your right hand.

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